Previous Editions

We would like to take you on a little journey and show you our previous events.



The New Current @ Art Rotterdam Week
Cruise Terminal, February 6 - 10

Nowadays we spend the biggest part of our time online in a digital world that has become leading in our social contacts, our career and basically almost all parts of our life. The digital bubble we live in strongly influences the way we connect and communicate with each other, how we see and interpret the world, our own self image and that of others around us. The difference between reality and appearance becomes increasingly difficult to understand. We see with our own eyes, but perceive the world indirectly through video- and audio recordings, which makes manipulation relatively easy. Without being aware of it, these recordings shape our view on everything around us. As a counter-reaction The New Current questioned our place in this digital cloud and made the transition to a place in the physical world.

Participating artists: Kamali van Bochove, Jochem Esser, Allard Medema, Vivien Vuong, Ruben van de Ven, Sabine van der Vooren, Guus Voorham, Quinda Verheul, Romar de Bonte, Donald Schenkel, Annabelle Binnerts, Kwinnie Le, Roland Spitzer, Noortje Stortelder & Zhixin Liao.


APRIL 2017

1st edition.
ZOHO Rotterdam, April 8 - 22

In an empty building of 1000m2 at the ZOHO quarter The New Current presented 13 artists. The overall focus of the exhibition was new media in visual arts. The exhibition was accompanied by an accessible program of performances, artists talks, music and events for local residents.

Participating artists: Jochem Esser, Philine van den Hul, Sophie de Vos, Allard Medema, Vera Gullikers, Jan Kuhlemeier, Lisette Schumacher, Donald Schenkel, Barbara Michelle Edelman, Janina Schipper, Hilde Onis, Roel Pothoven & Lisa Blaauwbroek.

TNC-oktober 2016 - Sil Michele.jpg


Trial edition.
Lusthofstraat Rotterdam, October 7 - 16

The first edition of The New Current was part of ‘Kunstroute Kralingen - Crooswijk’. In the small atmospheric but very basic building of a previous super market six artists presented their works, supplemented with music and dance performances. The edition functioned as a pilot and laid the foundation for future editions.

Participating artists: Sil Krol, Michèle van Vliet, Jochem Esser, Fanny Hagmeier, Philine van den Hul & Robin Leevel.